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Chapter 0941: Furnace Sand’s Changes

Shui Yueke fell silent. If she didn’t have a deep hatred, she would have definitely joined Yan Ji and Ning Cheng. But she couldn’t, she wanted revenge, and for that, she had to find a place to shape her dao. One day, she would definitely find a way to fight against 9-Revolving Sacred Dao Pond to avenge her sister Shui Yuexin and her family.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji, how about this. This place is still too close to 9-Revolving Sacred Dao Pond. Let’s fly for a few months straight. If Ning Cheng still doesn’t wake up by then, I’ll look for a place to shape my dao.” Shui Yueke quickly decided. If Ning Cheng couldn’t wake up in a few months, then I’m afraid he wouldn’t wake up at all.

Without people from 9-Revolving Sacred Dao Pond chasing after them, Yan Ji should be more than enough to care for Ning Cheng. But if the 9-Revolving Sacred Dao Sect decided to pursue Yan Ji or herself, even adding a few hundred of her would be of no help. She had to go shape her dao and reach Dao Sculpting Realm. Without shaping her dao, how could she even think of taking revenge for her sister?


Furnace Sands. It wasn’t an item but the name of a place.

Rumour has it that Furnace Sands got its name because a powerful Pill Sage had once used this place to refine pills. The Pill Sage ultimately failed the refinement, ruining the pills in the furnace due to underestimating the difficulty of refining those pills. Moreover, the materials in the furnace were all top-grade heavenly treasures, and this Pill Saint could no longer collect the materials to begin another refinement. As such, in a fit of rage, the Pill Sage smashed the entire furnace.

What’s more, when the Pill Sage had started to refine the pills, he had absorbed more than 90% of the spirit aura from the surrounding area. Therefore, when he smashed the furnace, the terrifying temperatures scorched the area, turning it into an actual barren land.

Since then, this place had become devoid of spiritual plants and even normal life.

After countless years had passed, some life slowly returned to this place, and some low-level spiritual grasses started to appear. However, the spirit energy here still remained incredibly thin.

Therefore, cultivators who couldn’t cultivate or be unable to advance slowly migrated to this place. Eventually, a settlement formed in this area. The people here all had low cultivation, and the settlement even had ordinary people with no cultivation.

In the Grand Essence Realm, having no cultivation meant certain death. As such, one would rarely find a place with ordinary people in the Grand Essence Realm. Let alone a place where ordinary people lived with cultivators with low cultivation.

Furnace Sands was one such place. However, most people here were descendants of cultivators who could not cultivate or raise their cultivation level.

If one looked at the entire Furnace Sands from above, it would lo

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