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Chapter 761 Tit for Tat

The place Song Yunxuan stayed could be related to Gu Miaomiao.

But Gu Miaomiao had passed away.

Thus, the only place Mei Qi could think of was the place where Gu Miaomiao’s corpse was.

The mortuary in the hospital.

That was exactly where Song Yunxuan was.

Song Yunxuan looked at the ghastly corpse in the body bag, blinking her eyes.

She didn’t cry or speak.

She just quietly stared at the child who would never wake up again.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s blank expression, the doctor said, “Miss Song, you can’t stay here for too long as Mr. Shao can show up at any time.”

“Will he come here again?”

Her voice was so cold as if the child had been a stranger to her. Whereas homicidal intent was buried deep down in her eyes.

It was alright if she died.

She deserved to be torn into shreds by Shao Tianze.

After all, it was her fault to trust a scumbag.

But never would she imagine that Shao Tianze could kill his own daughter.

She walked to the body bag and looked at Miaomiao’s distorted face. She didn’t feel scared. Instead, she slightly bent down to press her face against Miaomiao’s, stroking gently.

Like an animal licking her own cub, she touched Miaomiao’s forehead and nose with her face.

But she could never sense the child’s temperature.

She could never see the child open her eyes.

The doctor couldn’t understand Song Yunxuan’s behavior and frowned, saying, “Miss Song…”

“Please leave me alone. I’ll leave here later.”

Tears trickled down Song Yunxuan’s face.

Tears dropped on the child’s cold face and warmed it as if it had been magic.

However, the warmth only lasted for a split second.

Tears turned cold, and so did Miaomiao’s face.

The doctor gave up persuading Song Yunxuan, saying, “If you get caught, please don’t tell others that I led you in.”

“Of course. No one knows it.

Shao Tianze would never miss his dead children.

He was so realistic and cunning that he knew the alive Gu Changle was more important than the dead Gu Miaomiao.

Therefore, his present focus was upon Gu Changle instead of Gu Miaomiao.

After Song Yunxuan promised to keep it a secret, the doctor quickly left.

Although he was a doctor and had seen many corpses.

It was the first time that he had seen a weirdo like Song Yunxuan.

It was strange that she was bold enough to check a stranger’s corpse.

How could she be so self-composed in front of the distorted corpse? She even had those intimate behaviors.

It was too weird.

It was also very scary.

After the doctor left, he came across a tall man who hurried towards the mortuary.

When they passed by each other, the doctor swiveled to see the man’s face.

The doctor found him familiar, but he didn’t recognize him.

Thinking that the man might go to the mortuary, the doctor got worried.

If Song Yunxuan got caught b

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