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Chapter 2330, Weakness

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[No, something is wrong!] Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly after coming to a sudden realization.

A genuine Corpse Puppet should possess some of the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques from its previous life; however, ever since it had started to move, Yang Kai had not seen this Corpse Puppet display any powerful moves at all. All of its attacks were either simple and straightforward punches or releasing Corpse Poison out when forced into a corner.

He had yet to see it displaying the unique strengths of a Corpse Puppet.

The Corpse Puppet before him… Seemed like a flawed product! Yang Kai came to this sudden realization.

In other words, this Corpse Puppet was unfinished, a failure that had not been refined to completion. Thinking more about it, Yang Kai felt he was right on the dot. Regardless of a cultivator’s strength, even if they were at the Third-Order Emperor Realm, they couldn’t endure all the pain and suffering from refining their body into a puppet. Even a slight change in refining conditions would cause the refining process to fail.

Yang Kai guessed that the previous Thousand Leaves Sect Master was unable to finish the refining process, resulting in him becoming a failed product.

Having considered all of these, a tremor shook through Yang Kai’s mind.

If this was a genuine Third-Order Emperor Realm Corpse Puppet, he would have utterly no chance of obtaining victory. However, if it was a failure, a flawed product, it wasn’t impossible to triumph. The only thing he needed to do now was to find and attack its weak spot.

Considering all of this, Yang Kai hastily shouted out, “You two hold it down and buy some time for me.”

After saying that, Yang Kai immediately activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation before taking a detailed look at the Corpse Puppet. Golden light blossomed from his left eye as everything came into view for him, enabling him to see the Corpse Puppet’s inner workings and construction.

Although Liu Yan and the Embodiment did not know what Yang Kai was planning, they managed to glean some information from the tone Yang Kai had used. In the next instant, Liu Yan proceeded to unleash her flames at the Corpse Puppet without restraint to contend against its Corpse Poison.

Jumping up, the Embodiment stomped the ground. This time, he did not dare to rush directly at the Corpse Puppet. Instead, he proceeded to extend a fist towards the ground beneath and clench it tightly. In the next instant, Earth Principles started to fluctuate before the ground beneath him turned into quicksand and gathered around him.

In the blink of an eye, a spear made of Earth that appeared to be capable of propping up Heaven formed in his hand. Although this spear was composed fully of the surrounding Earth,

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