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“What’s the situation on their side?”

“It’s unknown. They have not made any contact with the intelligence agents.”

“What about the servants?”

“They stopped all contact with them as well. It was confirmed that they have all been replaced 15 days ago.”

“All 140 of them?”

“That’s correct.”

“This is crazy…”

Jiha groaned in annoyance.

“We’re completely trapped… 10 years of effort and hard work… How could an organization that was planted in the palace be destroyed so easily?”

They needed to come to a conclusion for this discussion. They had no time; there was a lot they had to do.

“If an all-out war were to break out, what would the odds look like?” asked Jiha.

Next to her was a man in his 40s, named Asum. He was the chief of staff of the Black Guild. He was a man who was good with numbers.

“It’s about 50%, but…”

“Fifty-fifty? That much? What about the damages?”

“We’ll lose 80% of our forces, all three business foundations that we had planted in the major clans will be exposed, along with all of our personal information…”

“Any chance of making a comeback?”

“Only if the Dark Guild intervenes…”

“You’re saying that will not happen…”

Jiha cracked her knuckles.

“What does he want?”

“It’s a little hard to guess. On the surface, it looks as though they want to guarantee Princess Rain’s safety…” answered Kurian, a man in his 50s. He was the person in charge of the Black Guild’s external strategies.

“On the surface?”

“If that was the only reason, he wouldn’t have gone so hard. There were also several other ways he could have gone about doing it.”

“That’s true. They must have a bigger goal… I wonder what it is.”

“The man has a close relationship with the Dark Guild. Perhaps, they want the Black Guild to be taken over by the Dark Guild. Of course, that’s the worst-case scenario…”


People were groaning everywhere. Everyone felt the same way in their hearts too, but it was something that was difficult to say because It was truly the worst. Jiha chuckled.

“If the leaders of our guild personally stamp our seals on the instrument of surrender, what’s in it for them?”

“I’m sorry?”

“The worst case scenario is an all-out war. If that happens, the man or someone else will kill us. It’s not a card that people who are busy carrying out the emperor’s orders can choose.”


“So that’s why they’re demanding us to surrender? Can they control us after we surrender? Unless we voluntarily disband, they will probably have to spend a lot more time and money than going to an all-out war, no? Merging with the Dark Guild? How is the Dark Guild going to make a living? They are not easy to deal with either.”

“If not, then…?

Jiha wiped her lips with the back of her hand. That was a habit of hers whenever she had to make a decision.

“As you may have noticed, the enemy is a very clever person. Up until now, you have seen how they move, right? Th

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