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Chapter 1675: You Will Get Your Little Sister Sooner Or Later

Vicennio pondered with a frown for a while before he was suddenly enlightened. With a glum face, he said, “There’s too much homework, and I can’t ever finish it. This isn’t for the faint-hearted.”

“This is how the world works. Either you drown or you die from the drought.” Randy patted Vicennio on his shoulders as he consoled him, “Bro, you still got to take care of your body, or else someone else would be carrying your burden for you one day.

Vicennio paled before he flipped open the menu, and ordered two more pig’s brains.

“Can this thing nourish that part?” exclaimed Randy.

“No, I need to calm down.” Vicennio shook his head.

Randy gave him a thumbs-up silently.

Gjerj and his family entered the hot pot restaurant too, and they went straight toward Harrison’s table. When they were about halfway to that table, Gjerj saw Mag and the gang sitting nearby, and he made a turn toward their table. He chuckled. “Boss Mag, you guys came here for hot pot today too.”

“Yes. We came to give our support on the opening day.” Mag nodded with a smile.

“Little Sister Christy~” Amy had already leaped up from her chair, and lifted her hands up at Gjerj. “Can I hold her for a moment, please?”

“Big Sister Amy. Hug, I want a hug~!” Parber let go of Parmer’s hand, and waddled toward Amy with an ecstatic smile.

“Stop!” Amy extended her hand, and pressed it against Parber’s forehead. She shook her head at him, who had stretched out his arms. “I refuse.”

Parber’s smile froze instantly, and his lips trembled before he turned around, ran into Parmer’s arms, and aggrievedly cried, “Big Brother, Big Sister Amy refused to hug me again. I want to be a girl, I want to be a girl…”

Parmer patted his little brother’s back with resignation.

“Come, there you are.” Gjerj handed Christy to Amy carefully. He only let go after he made sure that she had a firm hold on her.

“Yiya, yiya~” Christy immediately smiled happily when Amy held her, and she made some cute sounds. She was looking at Amy with her bright eyes happily.

Miranda went to pat Parber’s head with a smile, and said to Amy, “Christy doesn’t want her brothers to hold her. It seems like Big Sister Amy is her favorite.”

“Yes, she isn’t that happy when she sees me, either.” Gjerj felt a tinge of envy.

“Perhaps good-looking people like good-looking people too.” Amy smiled. She kissed Christy on her cheek, and made her chuckle happily.

“The little one is getting cuter every day.” Mag looked at Christy in Amy’s arms. This little one was very fair, and she looked like she was wearing a wig with her short blonde hair. She looked extremely cute.

As they were Mamy Restaurant’s regulars, everyone knew Gjerj’s family quite well. Miya even got up to play with Christy, while Gina used a colorful bubble to make Parber stop crying easily and made him happy again.

Gjerj went close to Mag, and said to

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