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Chapter 2003: Fear He Hadn’t Felt Before

Su Jimo was already almost ash.o.r.e. He turned back to look and was shocked to see the woman behind him had disappeared.

He inspected the entire surface of the water and couldn’t see her. A type of fear he hadn’t felt before emerged from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

“Lanlan… Lanlan…”

Xiao Yuqian and Ma Haodong had already come ash.o.r.e. They suddenly heard Su Jimo frantically shouting Nie Zhenglan’s name. The two of them turned to look and only saw Su Jimo shouting Nie Zhenglan’s name at the ocean.

“Oh no! Something happened to Lanlan!”

Xiao Yuqian ran hurriedly towards the ocean again. Ma Haodong followed and also ran over.

After another wave, Su Jimo finally saw a stretched out hand on the surface of the water. He dived in without any hesitation and swam towards Nie Zhenglan’s direction.

Ma Haodong also went into the water and swam towards the same direction, getting ready to save her.

Su Jimo was already almost close to Nie Zhenglan. He saw he was almost able to grab her hand but a wave came cras.h.i.+ng and split them apart again.

His heart was extremely anxious. He tried hard to swim towards Nie Zhenglan’s direction but he already couldn’t see her hand. In a hurry, Su Jimo dived into the water to look for her.

Ma Haodong also swam over to help. After a while, Su Jimo finally came to the surface. He found Nie Zhenglan. He dragged her towards the sh.o.r.e and Ma Haodong helped to lift Nie Zhenglan ash.o.r.e.

“How is Lanlan?”

Xiao Yuqian followed them, and her heart was also very worried.

Su Jimo placed Nie Zhenglan on the sh.o.r.e. Nie Zhenglan had already become unconscious from almost drowning. After Xiao Yuqian saw this, she said, “Lanlan drowned, she needs CPR!”

Su Jimo started doing CPR on her without any hesitation. He did it again and again until Nie Zhenglan showed a reaction and started to breathe.

“It worked! Lanlan woke up!” Xiao Yuqian let out a sigh of relief.

After Nie Zhenglan woke up, Su Jimo helped her up and waited for her to throw up the water in her stomach. It was only after she regained consciousness that he took her into his embrace. He said anxiously, “Lanlan, you are fine now! You scared me to death!”

“Lanlan, what happened just now? I thought you knew how to swim?” Xiao Yuqian asked.

Nie Zhenglan lay in Su Jimo’s embrace. She didn’t even have the strength to struggle and said weakly, “My legs cramped up…”

“I knew you shouldn’t have swum so far away by yourself. If Brother Mo hadn’t saved you and done CPR on you, you might be dead,” Xiao Yuqian said.

Nie Zhenglan didn’t speak. Her gaze towards Su Jimo was full of worry. Her feelings were very complicated. He was the man she was determined to run away from, but now, he was the one who saved her.

Should she say thank you to him?

“Don’t say anything. I will carry you back to rest.”

Su Jimo immediately carried her and

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