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Chapter 836 The Holy Virgin

Alex and the other two were flabbergasted. How could the Scared Six-lights Star inheritance become so simple and chosen someone from Huaxia?

When he came to his senses, Jankovic shouted loudly, “No, that’s impossible. It’s impossible for a Huaxia person to get the approval of the Divine Master. I can’t work with those despicable Huaxia people.”

Because he had just suffered a setback at Qin Haodong’s place, he hated all Huaxia people.

Alex said, “Jankovic, what are you talking about? Could it be that you’ve forgotten the rules of our Divine Court? No matter who he is, as long as he is acknowledged by the Scared Six-lights Star, he will be our Pontifex Maximus.”

Jankovic said, “That’s impossible. The Divine Court has existed for thousands of years and has never seen any Huaxia people. It’s impossible for this Huaxia person to get the recognition of the Scared Six-lights Star. He must have used some despicable means to create an illusion for us.

“He must have killed Anthony and taken the Scared Six-lights Star. I’ll kill him now and take it back.”

After that, he took out the Holy Light Cross Sword on his back and stabbed at Zhang Feiyang.

But Zhang Feiyang reacted very quickly. He raised his hand and drew a cross in the air. Then he pointed at Jankovic, and a light sword condensed from holy power shot out.

The light sword collided with the Holy Light Cross Sword. With a dull bang, they each stepped back three times.

Jankovic was shocked. He didn’t expect that he couldn’t gain an advantage.

Alex and Valderrama were even more shocked. They never expected this young man in front of them to obtain such a high level of inheritance. He even didn’t lose out to the most outstanding Pontifex Maximus of the Divine Court.

When he came to his senses, Jankovic raised the Holy Light Cross Sword and was about to attack again, but was stopped by Alex.

“What are you doing? Don’t you see that he has been completely recognized by the Scared Six-lights Star? He is now the Pontifex Maximus of our Divine Court. Are you going to start a civil war?”

Jankovic cried out, “No, I can’t work with a Huaxia man. I will kill him and take back the Scared Six-lights Star, and then find a new inheritor.”

Alex was completely enraged. “Jankovic, can you stop fooling around? According to the will of the Divine Master, everyone in the world is his citizen, regardless of their skin color or race. What right do you have to reject a person from Huaxia?”

Jankovic’s expression changed a little, but he still said unwillingly to yield. “But, there has never been a Huaxia person in the Divine Court before.”

“That was in the past. Perhaps it was the Divine Master who blamed us for not fully carrying out his decree, so he asked the Scared Six-lights Star to recognize a Huaxia man.”


Alex’s words were clear and logical. In addition, the truth was right in front o

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