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Chapter 558 The Meeting Place

Jiuli Region, Wanjian Sect—the top secret place.

Wen Tingshan stood quietly in front of the teleporting matrix with his hands crossing behind his back. With traces of time, he looked more experienced and older, but…his figure was still tall, upright and imposing, like a sharp sword rushing into the sky.

Behind him, there were four practitioners, three men and one woman. All of them were young and in the early stage of Yuanying Realm.

“Master, what are we waiting for?”

The only female practitioner among them, Ying Qiao’er, spoke in a low voice. She had never seen the master take such a serious attitude.

Although Wanjian Sect was a small sect in the eyes of others, they, as personal disciples, naturally knew some of the secrets of Wanjian Sect. For example… the head of Wanjian Sect, their master, was much stronger than those of smaller sects and reached at least Huashen Realm!

For another example, their sect had much more cultivation resources than other smaller sects, and there was no need to go out to scramble for those barren spiritual mines. But in order to maintain the image of the sect, the master had always to go out to act, which was also very hard.

This time… four of them unexpectedly discovered that there was even a teleporting matrix in their sect, which should belong to those big sects. Although they could not recognize that this was an ancient teleporting matrix, they were literally surprised.

As expected, there were secrets hidden everywhere in their sect.

“Don’t ask too much. The people who come are all your senior fellow apprentices and senior sister apprentices. Remember, we belong to the same line.”

Wen Tingshan enjoined the four people, but still felt it was not enough, so he added, “They are just like you, disciples trained by my Wanjian Sect. They have lived in Wanjian Sect since they were young. Don’t forget about that!”

“Yes, we see!”

The four people who could become Wen Tingshan’s personal disciples were naturally intelligent. They looked serious and answered in unison.


Suddenly, the quiet teleporting matrix made a humming sound, and the bright white light glowed sharply. Wen Tingshan’s face looked slightly solemn. Who would lead…this time?


Ying Qiao’er murmured, with her bright and round eyes staring into the matrix.


The light faded, and thirteen people appeared in the matrix.

So many people!

The other three personal disciples of Wanjian Sect looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other’s eyes. The number of disciples cultivated secretly by the sect was twice as that of the personal ones?!

“It seems that our Wanjian Sect is mostly the foreign branch sect of this force. I don’t know the comparison between this force and Jiguang Sect?”

When Cheng Sheng, the chief personal disciple of Wanjian Sect, thought that, the thirteen people in the matrix had already walked

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